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The Non DOT "Competition Only" version of 595RS-RR is an evolution of the race-winning 595 RS-R,delivering even faster lap times and better dry grip.

"Competition Only"

1. New silica-infused tread compounds provide outstanding grip and enhanced durability.
2. Flame-shaped grooves contribute to decreased aquaplaning and improved traction in rainy conditions.
3. Even stiffness in both center and shoulder areas minimize uneven wear for improved grip.


Federal Corporation makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the fitness or merchantability of Federal competition tyres due to the varied and severe conditions under which they operate and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising out of their use.

Even if DOT approved or E-Mark approved Federal competition tyres are designed and compounded for competition use only and are not intended for highway or road use.